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Information about CYouToo
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CYouToo is a security robot for outdoor using. The name of the robot stems from "I see you, too.".

CYouToo is not a spying robot it is an instrument that is made for observation. Once it is placed anywhere, it will record changes and movements in the defined area via various sensors and notify the user.

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CYouToo can be understood as a track driven computer. Technically considered, it is a manipulator. The development to an autonomous manipulator respectively robot, is under construction.
CYouToo is equipped with a computer, a camera and sensors, which allow it to observe its environment and process data and information.

It acts like a calculating machine. It works like a normal PC: input, output, processing. The important difference is in the control input and output. Where the keypad, the mouse, the monitor, the printer and so on are placed at a normal PC, CYouToo has sensors and actors.


It is possible to control the robot from everywhere you can reach the internet, for instance via your mobile phone. This allows controlling CYouToo from almost every place on earth. The data that are assigned this way give information about the robot and its current whereabouts.


Roboterproject The technique of CYouToo is described detailed at  link external There you will find all technical background information, plans and documentation. (Documentation in german language)
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