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Copyrights (PLEASE READ!)

General Valid

All in published contents are copyright or other rights for the protection of intellectual property. These rights are exclusively or its licensors.
For lack of information on rules for the licensing and use is prohibited without prior written permission of reproduction and / or publication of the contents whole or in part inadmissible.
This applies to private and in particular for commercial advertising or use of content.

Arrangements for non-commercial use (private)

The participants must contents or other results of excerpts save or print them personally non-commercial use.
The condition is that the content itself, legends or other related references, including intellectual property rights and copyrights, not deleted or changed.
Under the same conditions is a transfer of copies of individual opinions, etc. postings by e-mail and similar means of communication to third parties permitted.

regulations for commercial use (business people)

Any further reproduction, distribution or publication of content without prior written permission of is prohibited.
For commercial use, please contact in contact.

For questions, please wrote my an  link internalMessage.

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